FRIDAY, NOV. 22, 2019


05.30 Entry and screening process.

Church opens for participants to be seated in zones as stated in their tickets.

  • Exterior: Management and information tents are located at “Santisuk Sala” while the refreshment tent with coffee, Ovaltine, and snacks is at the soccer field.
  • Interior: Master of Ceremony will be positioned near the Blessed Nicholas shrine to welcome and give information


06.30 Catholic Social Communications of Thailand’s video presentation (Pope Francis biography, his teachings, his duties, “Let love be the bridge” MV, etc). Livestream of the event on big screens located throughout the site.


07.30 Performance from Assumption Thonburi School Marching Band on a lawn in front of the Virgin Mary’s cave.


08.30 End of video presentation and performance (approx. 20 minutes)

MC gives official welcome (Thai and English)

Explain process and guidelines for when Pope Francis arrives

Short rehearsal of Viva il Papa (lyrics available in the souvenir book)


8.50 Video presentation (or livestream) resumes. Background music to build atmosphere.


9.30 End of all presentations and rehearsals. MC prepare congregation to receive Pope Francis. Bishops line up at the front of Blessed Nicholas Boonkerd Kitbamrung Shrine. Other participants stay in the zone as state in their tickets.


9.45 Arrival of Pope Francis

– When Pope Francis’ motorcade enters Soi Wat Roman, 3 staff ring the bell and the marching band will play welcome music with students from schools in Archdiocese of Bangkok’s District 5 welcoming on both sides of the roads with Vatican and Thai flags.

– Ringing of the bells and music stops when Pope Francis’ motorcade arrives at the church gate. Pope Francis boards pope-mobile.

– Participants sing Viva il Papa, students shower Pope Francis with flowers.

– Pope-mobile drives through all zones for Pope Francis to greet all participants.

– There is livestream on big screens while pope-mobile drives through the crowd.


10.00 Pope Francis enters St. Peter’s Church to meet with religious, seminarians, trainees, and catechists (Livestream)

Pastor of St. Peter’s Church welcomes Pope Francis at the church entrance and leads him to the altar where representatives, religious, seminarians, and catechists are waiting to greet him with a garland and a candle in which he will lay at the image of St. Peter. Then, he will pray silently in front of the tabernacle before walking back to the altar. The formalities are as followed:

  • Bishop welcomes Pope Francis
  • Sing “Hon Tang Hang Kwam Rak”
  • Religious representative sharing life witnessing
  • Pope Francis makes a speech
  • Prayer for vocation
  • Pontifical Blessing
  • Sing “Hon Tang Phra Christ”

Pope Francis leaves for Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kritbamrung Shrine


11.00 Pope Francis arrives at Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kritbamrung Shrine to meet with the Bishops (Livestream)


11.50 Pope Francis holds private audience with Jesuits (Video presentation)


12.20 End of video presentation / Live stream resumes

MC invites participants to line-up for Pope Francis’ farewell

(Sing Viva il Papa – TBC)

Bishops line-up in front of the entrance of Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kritbamrung Shrine.


12.30 Pope Francis leaves; boarding his car in front of Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kritbamrung Shrine

(The church bells ring when the motorcade is going through the gate; marching band play a few songs)


12.40 MC congratulated participants and inform return routes, souvenirs pick-up, lunch, etc.


12.50 Doors and gates open for participants’ safe return.